Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cannonical Coronation Reenactment & Solemn Enthronement

I skipped OPD duty today to be early enough to get a seat to watch the Cannonical Coronation Reenactment & Solemn Enthronement this year. The preparations this year are really marvelous, from the church being repainted entirely, to the flowers, to the lights, to the orchestra, to the people present... everything is just as should be for Mary, regal, and glorious. I arrived around 1 PM to check out the museum and to get seats near the altar. I saw the Numero Uno cape in the museum, the Ivory Image to be used in the pahalik this year commissioned by Mr. Rei Nicolas, the Gold crown of the Niño, His golden slippers, the gold sceptre with the pectoral cross, and some more interesting stuff.

The Santo Rosario waiting in the Corridor
I was able to get a seat a few rows behind those that were reserved for guests with tickets. I waited and witnessed the image of our Lady being brought down the corridor and the gold halo being placed by a lucky attendant. We took pictures... I touched her cape... How lucky can I get! She was wearing her silver plancha and she holds the gold baton with the big rings with semi-precious stones. The aureola she was wearing was not the one used in the 1907 coronation but the one paired with the siena crown. When she was being brought up the altar, the jewels were dazzling! It's unbelievable! (to be continued...)

The Niño being Crowned

The La Naval being Crowned

Queen Enthroned

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
La Naval de Manila

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