Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Old Shrine

The Old Santo Domingo Church in Intramuros
where the image of the La Naval was venerated

This was the fifth church to be built by the Dominican friars. It was inaugurated in 1868. It is the work of the first "qualified" Philippine architect Félix Rojas, and was constructed in the neogothic style. Its façade is a literal imitation of the façade of York Cathedral in England (13th and 14th centuries).

The church altar prepped up for the La Naval Fiesta.
The image of the La Naval is at the Center, the Dominican Saints surrounding Her.

Sources :
The City of God: Churches, Convents & Monastaries [website]

Photo Credits :
Mr. Alex Castro
The La Naval Flickr Group


Ortizmista said...

La primitiva Iglesia del Rosario, fué construida en el Siglo XVII por el ingeniero Juan de Ciscara, natural de La Habana, Cuba

Lord Zagato said...

Are you talking about an early church of the rosary in Manila? This is wonderful new information. Thank you. Can you please send me references to these information through the blog's email? Thanks!