Tuesday, March 27, 2007

La Naval de Santa Maria

La Gran Señora de Filipinas
Familia Perez
Venerated at San Juan Evangelista Parish
Bagbaguin, Sta Maria, Bulacan

Comment from FJDP in Flickr:

The relic of the veil of the Blessed Virgin Mary & the silver Rosary came from Santo Domingo and is the gift of the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary [Santo Domingo Church]. It was invested on her on October 2000 in a solemn concelebrated Mass in the Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception in Santa María. Incidentally, a large official portrait of the Santo Rosario was given to the church & hangs in the office of the Parish Priest to commemorate this event. For the 2007 Marian Exhibit, we pinned beside the relic the bronze medal of the Golden Anniversary of the Canonical Coronation of the Santo Rosario in 1957 held in the new Santo Domingo in Quezon City. With these 3 gifts - so far, makes this the only image of the Santo Rosario to be given this distinction in the history of the devotion to the Santo Rosario & Santo Domingo Church. Actually there is a fourth gift, the silver holder for the baston & the cetro which was originally commissioned for the original La Naval [Santo Rosario] in Santo Domingo but by some mistake was too small to be used by the original image. This was given as a gift to our image to hold her cetro & baston in the late 80's.

From the beginning, to this very day day, this is the Santo Rosario de La Naval of Santa María, Bulacan, duly recognized, and so honored by the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary and the Dominican Province of the Philippines by her pre-eminence and by the reverence of the people of our town which was sealed by an episcopal coronation motu propio by the former Bishop of Malolos, Most Rev. Rolando Tría Tirona, OCD, DD on the 16th of October 1998, before which the image was brought to Santo Domingo and was rubbed briefly to the original Santo Rosario.

It was through the devotion to this image that the vicaria of the La Naval de Manila of Santo Domingo was brought to Bulacan in September 1996 for three glorious days when devotees came to Santa María to glorify the Santo Rosario and to recall the 350th Anniversary of the victories of La Naval de Manila.

Photos From : Flickr (owner: robandharry3)

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carmela_barrozo said...

How I wish that more people would realize how pleasing to our Lord when all sons and daughters of God foster that sincere and loving care for Mother Mary who has always pay attention to each everyone in order to be lead closer to the Most Loving Father in Heaven who is the Only Source of true Happiness and Success. Mother Mary is always there guiding everyone to experience the presence of God amidst the busy world.Our Lady of La Naval, thank you for your unceasing love for all your children all over the world. Not everyone will recognize you but your magnaninous heart and unconditional love will reach all people and in due time will united with God here on earth and ultimately in heaven.