Friday, March 2, 2007

Thanksgiving Prayer to La Naval

Queen of the Holy Rosary, Our Lady of La Naval.

We gather as one people in celebration of a battle fought and won; a vow made and fulfilled; a time remembered and held dear; a miracle experienced and kept alive; love recieved and returned; your patronage sought and thanked for; God praised, God adored.

Mahal Naming Ina,

As our lips move in whispered prayers, our hands over beads, our knees bend, our eyes look up to you, we plead for your mercy, your grace your love.

O Mother of Peace,

Give birth to God in our hears. Give birth to Peace in our world. Give birth to the Word who heals all strife, conquers sin with love, overcomes death, brings us life. As once you interceeded for the victory of faith in these islands, pray for us now, now, in our struggle for truth and justice, for peace and love in Christ.

O Queen of the Philippines,

In your loving hands, you hold Jesus, our God, our King, our Savior. You hold him for us to adore and serve, to love and find salvation in. O Mother and Queen, our hearts may be small, but our love is enormous. And we ask you to come and take your place in us, in the company of your belvoed Son; to bless us with your abiding presence; to fill us and keep us in your love and protection; to lead us in the eternal Fiat and Magnificat to God, in whose name we gather. AMEN.

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