Saturday, October 25, 2008

La Naval de Manila, My Mother

By : Randolfh Bunag

'Sa Iyong kandungan aking natikman ang unang pagmamahal. Kahit musmos pa, kapiling ka aking ina.'
Happiness, gladness, as I remember those old days.
We can surely say that we are lucky, but how?
The only thing in my life that I have is my mom.
My mom, my mom.
October 2,2008 was the enthonement of La Naval de Manila.
I was there at exactly 4: 30 pm.
The throne was empty.
Then at 5: 10 pm the lady went out of her royal room.
She was wearing her regalia, and a short procession was done.
I was seated at the left panel of the altar (I was lucky) . As she proceeded to her throne, I was crying.
Why? I remember my mom, La Naval's image is too motherly.
An affection of a mother and a son.
Tears fell. I did not able to touch her because of a certain shock.
My Queen, My Mother.
October 12,2008, I attended the annual the annual procession of The La Gran Señora de Filipinas La Naval De Manila.
Like what I have stated, I am a great devotee of the La Naval De Manila. I was there at around 9am, I wasvery happy to see the Lady standing in her Baldachino.
At around five in the afternoon, the procession went out,
as the mcee shoutedher name,
La Naval de Manila,
I hurriedly went to see her,
again the Lady was smiling in her carozza.
I said 'Kayo na po ang bahala sa amin.' That is the power of La Naval, powerful, motherly and majestic.
La Naval de Manila is like my mom.
My mom had battles, sufferings, and sorrows.
But my mom is a great warrior, like what the Lady did in the battle.
My mom continued the battle despite my father died.
What is the similarity of La Naval and my mom, both of them are brave. When Mary saw her dying son Jesus, she cried silently.
When my mom saw her two boys suferring she cried silently.
When Mary saw her son going to heaven, she was happy.
When my mom saw me going up on stage to receive my diploma, she cried, tears of joy fell.
Now that is what we call Women's power. Battles?
Yes, I believe that my mom is still having her battles.
Next year, October 2009, once again the La Naval will be placed in her royal baldachino,
she will hear songs again in her honor,
she will have a procession once again.
The Faith that my mom and I have will always continue,
it will always be there.
Without La Naval, the battles that we had will never be surpassed. Thank you, Our Lady of La Naval.
Thank you.

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