Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Miracle of Healing

From Wilsz
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I just want to share the miracle done by our lady of la naval. the day after the day we celebrate her feast last October 10,2010... My officemate's niece was very ill that time, her white blood cells reach at 18,500 counts which is not normal for a 8 months old child...and the child always suffer 40 degrees Celsius fever and her red blood cells also dropped... the family especially the mother of the child don't know what to do and very much depressed... that time October 11,2010 I convinced my office mate to go with me to Sto. Domingo church, and to pray to our lady, without hesitation she goes with me... I myself also said a prayer to our lady for the child... Sabi ko pa nga sa mahal na ina."mahal na birhen ng La Naval, wag mo po ako ipapahiya sa pamilyang to, hayaan mo po makilala ka din nila at ipamalas mo po ang iyong pagmamahal sa kanila" so after we pray, my officemate and I separate ways and go home...the night came I received a text message from my office mate saying thank you to me cause her niece was healed the time that we are in Sto. Domingo that was also the time when her niece is on St. Lukes. having her test, after the test the results was all negative and the white blood cell counts decreased into normal count.. I told her not to thank me instead thank our mother who help us. I thank God for what happened and thank Mama Mary for her intercession... Viva La Naval de Manila!!!

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