Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Home's Queen

Peace be with you!

I am Christopher Galgo, from Olongapo City. Me and my family are devotees of the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, La Naval de Manila. Our devotion developed since my elementary days when I learned the story of La Naval de Manila featured in Fr. Patrick Peyton's Family Rosary Crusade . I am now in my 26th year. The Blessed Virgin Mary has granted us many favors, spiritual and material, and miracles. And we continuously experience Her intercession in our day to day endeavors.

We have our own image of La Naval in our family chapel inside our house, three feet in size, together with other statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and some saints. La Naval serves as the Queen and Mother of our Home, our Soul and our Heart. She is our only refuge in times of crisis and dilemmas.

One of the miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary in us, as well as in the lives of our neighbors, was, when a huge fire incident happened in the year 2002 that has struck and almost burned our owned apartment. Our neighbors pleaded for Our Lady's intercession and succor. She granted our prayers and immediately the fire has stopped thru the help of some fire marshals.

We have also experienced spiritual battles. But our dearest Mother  is so generous that she always give us the triumph over our most difficult problems, as she had manifested over the Battles of La Naval de Manilla.
I have not became a Licensed Social Worker without the help of Our Lady. She has helped me a lot during my collegiate years and gave me my license after I have Passed the Licensure Examination for Social Workers. I have taken the Board Exam only once. But before that,  I have conducted a novena in honor of Our Lady. With knees bent, everyday I plead for Our Lady's help and mercy. She once again proclaimed that She is the Victorious Queen of the Rosary.

I will not mention in detail all the blessings and miracles of La Naval to us because my whole life will not suffice to proclaim and narrate Her greatness.

Every 2nd Sunday of October, annually, we celebrate the Feast of the Triumphant Queen together with our friends. The celebration includes the recitation of the Holy Rosary, Holy Eucharist and Luncheon Feast. Everyday (afternoon or night-depending on one's availability) we have an alternate duty of rosary prayer in front of Our Lady's image in thanksgiving for the whole day blessings.

Hoping that this could inspire more devotees to continue praying to Our Lady, even if their requests were not yet and / or easily granted by heaven because God's and Our Lady's way and time are not man's. But I'm sure that their way and time are the best for ours.

God bless and more power.


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Unknown said...

Dear Lord Zagato,

This is Aaron from Malaysia. I'm keen to get the mantle veil for a similar statue that i have of our Lady of La Naval de Manila that i have, but a much smaller one. would you know if i could order it online, and have it delivered to Malaysia? interestingly, i began to become a devotee when i spotted her statue being sold in one of the shops here. i researched about her and i was intrigued by the La Naval story. I prayed to our Lady of La Naval and her intercessory prayers have been most powerful, with some of my prayers answered. i decided to get a slightly larger statue, and now I'm keen to get my statue a veil for her to wear on feast days. would it be possible, and if it is, would you be able to recommend any sites that I could visit? Bless you for sharing this wonderful website to foster her devotion.

Warm regards,
Aaron (Petaling Jaya, Selangor, West Malaysia)